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In Chapter 3, we looked briefly at Library's Publish Services, which you can use to upload image files to photo sharing services like Flickr. (There's a lot more about Publish Services in Chapter 9.)

But going far beyond Publish Services, which only publish image files, you can use Lightroom's Web module to build complete photo galleries for your own Web site. Lightroom outputs all the required ht ml, css a nd images used for each gallery. You don't need to know anything about coding to make galleries with the Web module.

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Figure 7-1

Like the other output modules, Web galleries are usually started with templates. These are based on the Layout Styles installed with Lightroom. (In previous versions of Lightroom, Layouts were called Engines.) Lightroom comes with some built-in Layout Styles, and you can find more online. You can see which Layout Styles are installed in the top right panel; see Figure 7-1. The functionality and design of your Web gallery depends entirely on the Layout Style selected. We'll look at Layout Styles in more detail later in this chapter.

Before you start making a Web gallery, it's a good idea to do some organizing in Library first. Decide which photos to use and put them in Collections or Smart Collections. This makes it easier to choose which images are included, plus you can rearrange the photos as you like for each gallery. Depending on your organizational system, you might need to go back and forth between Web and Library a few times to get all the photos collected.

With the photos all chosen and sorted, you then use the Web module controls to customize the gallery. When you're done, if you want to use Lightroom to transfer your Web gallery files to your Web site's hosting server you will need the ftp account information. Otherwise, you can just save the gallery on your hard drive; you'll still be able to view the pages in a browser with full functionality. Thes e options are discussed in detail toward the end of this chapter.

Here's the quick overview of the workflow to make a Web gallery:

1. In Library, organize the photos that will go into the gallery

2. In Web module, show all the panels

3. Make sure the correct photos are showing in the filmstrip

4. Check the Toolbar options and change as necessary

5. Choose a template and/or Layout Style

6. C onfigure the look-and-feel of the gallery: colors, type, fonts, etc.

7. Preview your gallery pages and make changes if necessary

8. Have Lightroom render the final Web gallery files, and either a. Upload them to your Web server, or b. Export the Web gallery to your hard disk

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