Lightroom Preferences

In most scenarios the default Preference settings in place when Lightroom is installed are ideal. However, when you've worked with Lightroom for some time, there may be settings you want to change to suit your computer configuration or work habits. Spend some time getting to know the options available in the Preferences dialog boxes; they are fairly straightforward, and with an understanding of Lightroom's interface and functionality the settings you want to change will become more evident.

On a Mac, Lightroom's Preferences are accessed under the Lightroom menu. On Windows, they're under the Edit menu.

In the chapters that follow, key preferences are explained in context of a particular aspect of the workflow.

Throughout the program, Lightroom provides presets and templates to store settings and layouts. The default installation comes with some built-in presets and templates. As you work with Lightroom, you should save your own. Th s will dramatically speed up your workflow. You can also get presets and templates from other people; Google this.

The Lightroom presets folder is an important folder on your hard drive that you may access frequently the more you use Lightroom. To get there, open the Preferences, and on the Presets tab, click the button for Show Lightroom Presets Folder.

I'll discuss using presets and templates throughout the rest of the book.

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