Lightroom integration with other programs

In most cases, Lightroom plays nicely with other image editing programs. The important thing to keep in mind is that Lightroom's metadata (including adjustments) will typically need to be preserved when going back and forth between Lightroom and another application.

For example, if you have a photo in your Lightroom catalog, and then make changes to it using Adobe Camera Raw or Bridge, Lightroom will not automatically reflect the updates. As described in Chapters 3 and 4, Lightroom offers the ability to read and write metadata to and from the catalog, but this is something you must do manually. Lightroom will let you know about metadata status conflicts and you can decide whether to read in the updated metadata from the file on disk, or overwrite it with the metadata from the Lightroom catalog.

Lightroom's use of industry-standard xmp and ipt c metadata ensures that other software can recognize that information and will show the same data as Lightroom.

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