Figure 3-7

Control+Click or right-dick on the Volume Browser header

To change the Volume Browser display options, or to show the volume in the Finder or Explorer; see Figure 3-7.


A disk volume that is connected and available to the computer is online. A volume that is not available to the computer is offline.

In Lightroom you can work with photos from offline volumes in Library, Slideshow, Print and Web, where Lightroom will use rendered previews if they are available.

You can't work on images from offline volumes in Develop and a few other controls are unavailable. This is because when processing an image, Lightroom renders new rpeviews after each change is made, which requires re-reading the data from the actual image.

Volumes not listed in the Folder panel

Lightroom will not show or provide access to volumes until you import photos from that drive. If a volume is not listed in the Folders panel, it's because no photos from it have been imported into the current catalog.

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