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Welcome to Lightroom 3

Welcome to Lightroom 3! I'm pleased to be your guide as we explore this powerful, exciting new photography software. If you've never used Lightroom before, you're in for a treat. For many photographers, using Lightroom has brought much of the joy back to the process of working with photos on the computer.

Those folks upgrading from previous versions of Lightroom will find a number of major improvements to functionality, plus some really useful new tools. Here's a brief overview of some of the new and improved features in Lightroom 3:

• S ignificant performance increases; faster operation, better quality

• Dramatically streamlined Import process

• Support for video and cmyk files

• Greatly improved sharpening and noise reduction

• Lens corrections and lens profiles to fix distortion, chromatic aberration, etc.

• C ustomizable watermarking

• Tighter integration with photo sharing Web sites like Flickr

• Totally customizable print layouts for any number of photos

• Options to export Slideshows as hd video wi th sound

• Lightroom can now do catalog backups when exiting the program

... and this is just scratching the surface! With all it offers, Lightroom 3 is an essential upgrade for all photographers using Lightroom.

This book was written for digital photographers capturing and processing lots of images. As a metadata editing platform, Lightroom represents a major change in how we work with our photos. The main purpose of this book is to give you the Lightroom skills to process your images more quickly and with greater confidence while achieving the highest quality results possible. Your expertise will lead to expanded creative freedom and the satisfaction of seeing your inner visions become real.

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