Export Versus Other Methods

Keep in mind that using the Export command is just one of several ways to save new image files out of Lightroom. For example, if you need to process photos in

Photoshop, you may not need to (and probably shouldn't) export them. Instead, it's more efficient to use the Edit in... command, discussed in Chapter 9. In general, if you're just working with a single photo, Edit In. might be your best bet. In cases where you're batch processing multiple photos, Export is the way to go.

Also, before exporting final files for a particular use, consider that using Lightroom's output modules—Slideshow, Print and Web—might produce the files you need more efficiently. The functions of those modules provide capabilities that make some tasks easier than doing it through an Export, though the end results may be identical. One example is the "Print to jpg File" option in the Print module; see Chapter 6 for more on this.

Converting files to dng

You can use an Export to save new dng files from photos in your catalog, but this usually isn't the easiest way. Instead, use Library^Convert Photo(s) to dng, as described in Chapter 3.

What to do with original jpgs

If you have photos in your catalog that were originally captured as jpg and not raw, you need to take special precautions with them.

Remember that in Lightroom, jpg files are processed non-destructively just like all other file types. You can edit and develop them in Lightroom with no loss of quality, because the original file on disk is never directly altered. And most often, you can safely export new files from those jpgs without problems.

But in Photoshop and other programs, you should never work on a jpg and then save over the same file as a jpg again—you will lose significant amounts of quality with each save.

If you have original jpgs in your Lightroom catalog that you want to edit in other software, I recommend you first export them from Lightroom as tifs, t hen use those tifs as y our new working masters.

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