Develop Module Panels

In the Develop module, the left panel set (see Figure 4-1, opposite page) contains the Navigator, Presets, Snapshots, History and Collections; we'll look at those later. I usually work with the left panels hidden to give the photo as much room as possible in the preview area; see Figure 4-2.

The right panel set provides all the adjustment controls and tools you'll use to Develop your photos. Lightroom 3 contains significant additions and improvements in the Develop module adjustments. Take a minute to look around; open and close each panel to get an idea of the adjustments available.

Make the panels as wide as you can to provide the greatest refinement for the sliders. Position your cursor over the edge of the panel, and you'll see the cursor turns into a double arrow (see Figure 4-3). Click and drag outward to expand the panels to the maximum width.

The Develop module is also one of the places within Lightroom where I almost always work with the panels in Solo Mode. This avoids the need

Figure 4-1

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