Converting a photo to black and white

If you like black and white photographs, this can be one of the most fun and creatively rewarding aspects of working in Lightroom. Starting with a color original, it's possible to produce stunning black and white photos. And, no doubt, some images look much better in black and white than in color.

In Lightroom, a black and white image remains in r gb mo de, even when exported. The colors in the image are simply converted to equal values in all three channels. (This is very different from the Grayscale mode in Photoshop, which only contains one channel.) Keep in mind that the color components are being turned into gray levels, but Lightroom still processes them based on their original, named hue values (red, purple, aqua, etc.).

There are several ways to turn a color image into black and white in Lightroom. However, this is a case where the fastest method doesn't always produce the best results.

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