Configuring gallery settings

After choosing a template or Layout Style as a starting point, you'll work through the controls on the right-side panels to customize your gallery design.

I usually start by styling the thumbnail pages. Most ht ml templates use "index" pages for thumbnails, which link to individual pages that show each full-size photo. (Flash templates often have the thumbnails on the same page as the full-size photo.)

In both cases, using Lightroom's built-in templates, you can't change the size of the thumbnails, but you usually can change how many thumbnails will show on a single page. Some third-party Layout Styles allow you to adjust the size and presentation of thumbnails. (The add-on Web layouts will provide documentation for their controls.)

The available layout options depend on the Layout Style you use, and they vary widely. The following example is based on Lightroom's default ht ml gallery, which is the one I use most often.

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