Collapsing panels and Solo Mode

The import screen is one area in Lightroom where the panel tracks can get very long. As you're going through the steps to set up your import, you can close panels you're not using to make items easier to find.

Also, if you right-click or Control+click on a panel header you'll see a popup menu for hiding and showing panels. With Solo Mode enabled, as you open one panel, all the others will close. This option is specific to each left and right panel track and is my preferred mode. Solo Mode is available on panels throughout Lightroom and is mentioned in other places where it's particularly useful.

9. On the File Handling panel at the top right: use the Render Previews menu to set the size and quality level of previews generated for files in this import. The preview types are listed in order of size and quality.

10. U ncheck Don't Import Suspected Duplicates. At this point, we don't want Lightroom deciding for us what's a duplicate and what's not.

11. Make a second copy to: if you want to make an additional backup during the copy, check this box. I usually leave it unchecked, though, because I use Copy as dng a nd it's the original raw files that get backed up, not the final dngs. I'll explain this in more detail further in this chapter. If you want to back up your original capture files at this stage, use the popup menu and navigate to choose the backup location. Be sure that any backups you make are going onto a separate hard disk other than where the master copies are being saved.

12. On the File Renaming panel, tick the checkbox if you want to rename the files as they are being copied; see Figure 2-24. (See the Asset Management section later in this chapter for more about file naming strategies.) This enables the additional options below:

File Renaming ▼

^ flename Files

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