Choosing The Photos For Your Web Gallery

As with Slideshow and Print, in Web you can use folders and collections as sources for the gallery. Put simply, you have two basic options: use a folder with filters applied to only show the photos that will go into the gallery and hide the rest, or create a collection specifically for this gallery.

Using a collection as the basis for your Web gallery has some distinct advantages. I most often recommend making a smart collection using workflow keywords (as described in Chapter 3) but you could manually make a regular collection instead and use that as the source for your gallery, which I also do. All types of collections (and folder sources) will remember the latest settings applied in the Web module.

Smart collections would need to be created in the Library module before you start working with them in the Web gallery; you can modify the settings for smart collections from within the Web module, but keep in mind this will also affect those smart collections elsewhere. Also, you can't apply keywords to photos from within the Web module; if you're using workflow keywords to manage your smart collections for Web galleries, you'd need to apply those keywords in Library first. You can, however, apply or change attributes such as ratings and labels using the keyboard shortcuts also described in Chapter 3 and use these as criteria for the smart collection.

The main point of all this is that, one way or another, you should collect a unique set of photos for each new Web gallery. This will allow you to add and remove photos later if you wish, as well as tweaking the gallery layout settings, and easily regenerating the gallery, without having to worry about losing your selection of photos.

Obviously, your decisions for creating and organizing your galleries needs to be based on how you want to organize your photos on your Web site. On my Web site I have distinct portfolio sets that are organized and maintained in Lightroom. On the Web site, each portfolio is a direct representation of how the photos are organized in my Lightroom catalog. This makes it easy to add or remove photos from each individual gallery, and updating entire portfolios on my site just takes a few clicks and very little time.

You can also make Web Collections from within the Web module. Thes e are essentially the same as regular collections made in Library, with a special icon. With photos selected in the Filmstrip, click the + button on the Collections panel and select "Create Web Gallery". The new Web Collection will then be listed in the Collections panel in all the modules.

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