Be very careful when deleting folders or photos

When you remove folders or delete photos from Lightroom, any edits or adjustments you made to those photos in Lightroom will also be removed. If you haven't saved out the metadata, that work will be lost. (You could re-import the files, but your Lightroom changes will not be restored.) If you make a mistake when removing photos or folders, you can immediately Undo the deletion(s).

anything in your file system outside Lightroom, especially when Lightroom is not running, the database will not automatically update and you will need to manually relink the files in the catalog.

Also, in some situations, it's possible that the files haven't been moved, but Lightroom has somehow lost track of them. An example of this is when using an external drive on Windows, where the drive is assigned a default letter each time it's turned on. It's possible that the same drive will be assigned a different drive letter the next time it's connected. Lightroom won't be able to find the files because the drive letter is part of the file path stored in the catalog.

Whatever the reason, if Lightroom can't locate a file or folder, you'll receive notification. Usual causes and remedies for broken links:

• The file or folder was moved or renamed outside Lightroom: relink the files from within Lightroom.

• The volume is offline: connect the hard drive(s) to the computer.

• Something is wrong with the database: verify, repair and/or update it. Don't leave broken links hanging around

If you have missing folders or photos showing in your catalog, you should either relink them or remove them as soon as possible. Database housekeeping is essential: when using any database-enabled program (like Lightroom) it's important to keep the database as clean as possible, with no extraneous data or records known to be bad. This will make things easier to find, improve performance, speed backups and generally make the program more pleasant to use.

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