Backing Up Lightroom Catalogs

Lightroom offers the ability to test the integrity of the database and make a backup of a catalog file. You should frequently allow these backups to be performed. New in Lightroom 3, backups are done when Lightroom quits.

During a backup process, only the current Lightroom catalog is backed up— the image files and preview packages are not.

Lightroom backup settings are found in the Catalog Settings dialog box, introduced in Chapter 1. On the General tab, set the backup frequency to Every Time Lightroom Exits. You can always skip backups if you choose. But at least this way, Lightroom reminds you!

When Lightroom asks if you want to do a backup, you can specify the location for the backup file. The backups are automatically placed in subfolders named with the date and time; see Figure 2-33.

Back Up Catalog

Settings for the catalog "Lig htrooni 3 Catalog" indicate it should be backed up each time it is closed. Note: This only sacks up the catalog file, not the photos referenced by it.

Backup Folder: / Use rs/natcoats any Desktop/Lightroom 3 Catalog /Backups f Choose...

Also: '^f Test integrity before backing up Optimize catalog alter backing up

Skip this time 1 ' Backup '' Figure 2-33

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