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Regular readers will be familiar with the noise levels graph that we publish in selected camera tests, but you may have wondered how we arrive at the figures shown in the graph. To produce the data that we plot, a stepped 'wedge' is photographed by the camera on test at every available ISO sensitivity setting, and these images are examined in a scientific analysis program. The wedge (see example on the lower right) is a grainless target, lit by uniform lighting from behind. Theoretically, in the final image the pixels should be the same tone in each segment. If some pixels have a different tone from the rest, they represent noise. To measure the amount of noise, the analysis program counts the number of pixels that are not of the expected tone and produces a figure as a percentage of the total, shown on the y axis of this graph.

Turn to pages 71-73 for AP explains... in-camera noise reduction, where you'll find an explanation of how digital cameras are designed to minimise noise, and how you can use your camera's settings to reduce noise in your images

This is an example of a stepped wedge. The wedge that AP uses is a transmissive sheet, with several segments that go from being totally opaque to completely transparent

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Ricoh GX200 + Viewfinder

The Booh GX200 a able to reproduce high quality images from edge to edge with low noise and very natural . grodation. Features a 24-70mm wide angle optical 3x zoom, 12 million ' | pael effective CCD, vibration correction function, ' lcm mocro. High sensitivity to ISO 1600, 2.7 inch I 460.000 don LCD, long bcne^y life approx 350 shots, RAW capture plus 'my settings' feature.

GX200 Viewfinder Kit frantacr i GX200 Camera only ¿contact t

Ghzo GM2341 Monopod -sä.

Features o new aluminium 1,2 mm tube with anti leg rotation. The new tube ts the best compromise between light weight ond torvon ngidity, and stands in the market as a top quality and performance monopod ogomst ofl other competitors.

GM2341 Monopod £94.95

Benbo Trekker MKIII Kit

> Improved lag castings ensure better locking of the main joint. Higher grade leg tubes _ offer smooiher operation when extending the legs. It also foids up to a more compact o enobling easier transportation The swivel joint at e top of the centre column can be fuliy odjusted ^ through 180° offering even more flexibility when positioning the camera.

Benbo Trekker MKIII Kit £ 109.95

Gitzo Monopods in stock

GM! 130MT MO»KIS SAVI YOU £ IS! (M.M GM2561T MOMII SAVt YOU Mil £141.95 GM5561T MO M/S UH YOU ÊXSI £213.00

Braun Multimag 4000 Scanner |

Will automatically scan up to 100 slides in p^l ^

a rotary moganne Digital ke technotogyy',^S^_ -)\ incorporated for dust free scons. USB 2 connection, 3600x3600dpi resolution.

Multimag 4000 Scanner

Plustek OpticFilm 73(Mcanner

Reosonabiy priced 7200dpi scanner foriL^"?^ . 35mm slides ond negotives Comes complete wih SJverfast 6.5 SEPIus soft-oreV^*^

OpticFilm 7300 Scanner £154

Cokin ?' Graduated Filters

Complete range of Cokin filters, including graduated blue ord graduated grey filters olwoys in stoclc, as is the graduated fluorescent pink filter

Graduated Blue. Graduated Pink (ca

ers iQ

Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod

Mokes the MonfroHa-potented horuorttal re column feature easier to use Extend the , column on the 055XPKOB tripod to its highest ^verticol position ond it con be swung round 5 horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself.

B Tripod £centacf us

055XPR06 + 804RC 2 MOOIS MM TCU £47! £157.90 055XPROB + 460MG M0MB S*VI T0U £5*1 £173.90 055XPROB + 488RC2 M0HB SAVE V0U £58! £181.90 055XPROB + 488RC4 MOMB SAVJ T0U CSI! £181.90 05SXPROB + 808RC4 MOtlB SMC TOI Ul! £198.90 Q55XPROB + 410 MOMS SMI TOI £77! <217.99

Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod

190XPROB Tripod

190XPROB + 486RC2 II 190XPROB + 804RC2 I 190XPROB + 460MG» 190XPROB + 322RC21

Gitzo Tripods in stock_

GT1541T NORM SAVf YOU £é0! £359.95 GT2331 MORRIS SAVt YOU £401 CI99.97 GT3530LS MORRIS SAVt YOU CT»! £449.95

GT3541 XLS £530.95

Gitzo GH2780QR Head

Engineered to be the perfect match for Gitzo tripods. These heods are designed to be an extremely balanced product, that not only guarantee a high max load, but that abo f maximize oiher key features • smoothness, minimized drift ongle, lightweight, low centre of gravity, greater fill ongles, compodness, ergonomics ond safety.

GH2780QR Head £311.95

Proline Apollo 180 Kit rl 80 w/s output with stepless variable power range from 1/8th to full, h is of solid motol construction, but with soft rubbensed coating I lor comfortable bonding and quality finish. The [low 6V trigger voltage mokes it safe to use with v any camera. Supplied with a carry cose.


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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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