Sepia Toning in Lightroom

Once you've completed your black and white corrections in Lightroom, you can add a sepia tint using the Split Toning panel. The Highlights and Shadows sliders allow you to apply a separate colored tint to the highlights and shadows of your photos, and then you can blend the two with the Balance slider.


Saturation 4—

Begin by selecting a Hue value for the Shadows between 35 and 45. This is the color range between reddish-orange and yellow-green. After some experimentation, you'll find the hue that suits your preference. It is often helpful to increase the Saturation to between 30 and 40 when setting the hue, as the color is more visible. Once you've selected your Hue value, reduce the Saturation to your desired level. For this image, I selected a Hue setting for the Shadows of 41 and a Saturation of 22. This adds an antique warmth to the shadows that trails off toward the highlights.

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