How To Backing Up Your Lightroom Catalogs

Now that you've begun adding photos to your Lightroom catalog, you should protect your work by designing a strategy for copying your image library and Lightroom catalog to a backup hard drive. While Lightroom contains an automated backup system, it copies only the catalog, not your original photos, making it an inadequate solution for a true backup system.

Fortunately, you can create an effective and hassle-free backup routine with relative ease. To follow the steps in this How To, you'll need file synchronization software. Dozens of capable file synchronization applications are on the market. Two of my favorites are Synchronize! Pro X for Mac ( and SyncBackSE for Windows (

Most of the heavy lifting for the backup process happens at the beginning. First, you need to ensure that the photos in your image library are all stored on a single hard drive and housed in a hierarchical folder structure, as recommended in Chapter 11. Having all your photos in one place makes the backup process go much smoother.


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