How Lightroom Is Organized

One of the core concepts behind Lightroom's software design is that you should see and access only those features you need to accomplish the task at hand. Everything else should be hidden from view. While this simplifies the process of working in Lightroom, it is a departure from Photoshop and other applications. Initially, this approach may seem a little foreign to you, but it will quickly become familiar the more you work with it.

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Library Designed for organizing and arranging the images in your catalogs and for editing and selecting images from your photo shoots.

Develop The central location for performing all your image corrections, from adjusting white balance, to tweaking exposure, to increasing contrast.

Slideshow The location for tools for creating professional-quality slideshows of your best photos.

Print Used for making individual prints as well as contact sheets of an entire shoot.

Web Makes it easy to create web photo galleries and publish them to a website using the built-in FTP server.

Library Develop Slideshow Print Web

Lightroom's tools are organized into five separate sections, or modules, shown in the upper-right corner of the workspace. Each module is designed to help you perform a specific set of tasks in your workflow. Think of the five modules as waypoints for your workflow. The uses for each of Lightroom's modules are as follows:

On either side of the Lightroom workspace are panels containing the tools used in each of the modules in your workflow. For example, the Library module has panels for adding keywords and captions, while the Develop module contains panels adjusting saturation, sharpness, and vibrance.

The panels, along with the contents of the menu along the top of the screen, change depending on the currently active module. For example, you can't access the panels for building websites when you're working in the Library module. While this is simple enough to understand, it can take awhile to become accustomed to the menu items changing. Shown at right are examples of the options available in the Photo menu from the Library and Develop modules.

Fortunately, the menus are sensibly arranged so that you will be able to find an option when you most need it.

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