People and Animals

Sometimes the people who visit the zoo are just as interesting as the animals that live there. Use your camera to observe little children pressing their faces flat up against the animal enclosures. It's also fun to watch the animals react to the visitors. Apes, for example, will sit still for a long time, observing people outside their habitats. If you're able to take a picture that shows a person beside an animal, the results can be really funny—sometimes the people start to resemble the animals, and the animals start to look human.

Some animals might have feeding times during your visit, or if you're lucky, you may even get to give them a treat yourself. You shouldn't pass up this great opportunity, even if you don't think watching a rattlesnake devour a mouse is your cup of tea. Most animals eat calmly. It's fascinating to watch elephants skillfully pick up carrots with their trunks.

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