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Many of Photoshop's common editing tools have since migrated to other imaging programs. These tools can be found in a floating toolbar that defaults to the right or left side of your screen. Refer to the application's Help menu or the manufacturer's manual for com plete and detailed descriptions of all tools. Depending on the program, many of the visible tools on the toolbar have hidden options that can be revealed by simply using Click-Hold or Option-Click on the visible icon. Also, each tool has editable options that are usually displayed in an Options bar underneath the top Main Menu on the screen when a tool is in active use. The Options bar is a convenient way to change numerous options related to the active tool's function, such as brush size, font size, type of gradient, transparency, and colors.

8.20 "This view camera image was taken of Strawberry Island in the Niagara River in Buffalo, NY. The resulting landscape was stretched into a shape where the vertical dimension was eight times normal. The scroll-like format squeezes the long, flat island into a compact shape, and the willow clumps are transformed into cypresses, seeming to recall Arnold Bocklin's painting The Isle of the Dead (1880)."

© John Pfahl. Isle of the Dead, 2006. 84 x 21 inches. Inkjet print. Courtesy of Janet Borden Gallery, New York.

8.21 "I use the distortions of an oatmeal box pinhole camera with 8x10 inch black-and-white film and the colorizations created in Photoshop to create a series of visceral images that probe the unconscious mind. These images step away from the literal reality, choosing instead to speak with a Jungian expressionism. Objects and places juxtaposed with the model trigger a response that I react to while colorizing each image. Through successive pulling of curves, black-and-white values are replaced with color that ultimately connects with the dreamlike state of the finished image." © Dan McCormack. Sara, 2005. 12 x 11 inches. Inkjet print.

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