The World Of Digital Photography

Digital photography is a new way to capture photos using a solid-state image sensor instead of traditional film. Once captured, the photos are then stored in a universal digital format that lets you move them to a computer, print them on a printer, view them on a television, e-mail them to friends, or even put them on the Web where anyone in the world can see them. Digital photography is becoming increasingly popular because of the flexibility it gives you when you want to use or distribute an image.

Once you've captured an image in digital format, you can easily enhance, distribute, or organize and store it. Courtesy of Intel.

It's both the immediacy and flexibility of digital imaging that's made is so popular in so many areas. However, there is one aspect of digital photography that is rarely mentioned. This is the new freedom it gives you to explore photography. In the 1870's when William Henry Jackson was carrying 20 x 24 glass plates around the West on a mule, you can believe he hesitated before he took a photograph. We may not be carrying glass plates, but you and I also hesitate before taking a picture. We're always doing a mental calculation "is it worth it?" Subconsciously we're running down a checklist of costs, times, effort, and so on. During that "decisive moment," the image is often lost or we fail to try new things. We lose the opportunity for creative growth and choose to stay in the familiar rut that's delivered for us in the past. Surprisingly, Jackson had one big advantage we've lost over the last century. If an image didn't turn out, or if he was out of glass plates, he could just scrape off the emulsion from an image he was willing to sacrifice, recoat the plate, and try again. Digital photography not only eliminates that nagging "is it worth it?" question but it also returns us to that era of endlessly reusable film (and we don't need a mule to carry it). Hand the camera to the kids, take weird and unusual angles, shoot without looking through the viewfinder, and ignore all previously held conceptions about how to take images. You may be surprised at the images you get if you exploit this new era of uninhibited shooting.

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