Printing and Sharing Your Pictures

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1 Making prints while you wait 1 Choosing among printer categories 1 Recommended print sizes 1 Sharing the wealth (of pictures you've taken)

m Jg ntil the cost of those huge flat-panel digital displays that hang on the wall like a picture frame dip below their current stratospheric price levels, you'll probably want to use hard-copy prints of your best digital pictures to decorate your home or office. You'll also find that prints are more fun to pass around when you're sharing your vacation with coworkers. And have you ever tried to tuck an electronic image of a loved one in your wallet?

No, prints are here to stay. Digital technology is just making prints easier for anyone to produce. Instead of stacks of photos of every single picture you've ever taken (plus shoeboxes full of "lost" negatives), you can have great-looking enlargements of the photos you want to keep, perfectly cropped and carefully corrected in your image editing program. The ability to make prints is one of the best things about digital photography.

An alternative to sharing prints is sharing your pictures online through commercial sharing services or your own personal Web space. Such options let friends and colleagues view your photos even if they aren't close by.

This chapter provides a quick overview of printing and printers and picture sharing services. You can find a lot more detail in Book VIII.

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Compared to film cameras, digital cameras are easy to use, fun and extremely versatile. Every day there’s more features being designed. Whether you have the cheapest model or a high end model, digital cameras can do an endless number of things. Let’s look at how to get the most out of your digital camera.

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