Setting Up a Computer for Digital Photography

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1 Choosing between a Mac and a PC 1 Understanding your memory and storage needs i Selecting a microprocessor i Doubling your display pleasure i Pointing with a pen ou might be ready for digital photography, but is your computer up to the task? The good news is that virtually any computer of recent vintage probably has the horsepower and features you need to work with the digital images that you capture with a camera or scanner.

Even so, the differences between a computer that's good and one that's good enough can be significant. Your system might be exceptional, or it might be the exception. You probably don't want to work with the minimal system possible even if you'd rather invest your money in a better digital camera. (I know, if faced with the choice of a new, superfast computer and a digital single lens reflex, I'd choose the camera every time.)

This chapter helps you develop your own checklist of recommended hardware, shows you how to upgrade to make your work even easier, and offers tips on setting up your computer to make working with digital images a breeze.

In this chapter, I cover only the main equipment options for setting up a computer for digital photography editing and storage. You can find information on equipment used to transfer images between your camera and computer in Book I, Chapter 3.

Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

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