Ikelite Slrdc Housings offer eTTL Compatibility

To extend the capabilities of the digital SLR cameras Ikelite designed the SLR-DC underwater housing. This housing is injection molded of clear polycarbonate for strength, visual access to the camera, LCD screens and camera controls. The ergonomic design places camera functionality at your fingertips for the ultimate in creative control. The interchangeable port system accommodates a wide variety of lenses from macro to wide-angle to zoom. The rubber handles offer excellent grip and a quick release system for Ikelite's new SA-100 Arm system. An external Ikelite connector is provided to connect single or dual Ikelite Substrobes.

SLR-DC Housing Features:

Clear Molded Polycarbonate

Corrosion Free

Interchangeable Port System

Clear View of Info Window

Clear View of LCD screen

Most Camera Functions Available

Weighted for Neutral Buoyancy

Quick-Release Strobe Mounts

Rubber Hand Grips

External Connector for Substrobes

Super-eye Magnifier for Enhanced Viewing with a Dive Mask.

Dimensions 7.s"L x 4.75"W x 7.2s"H (19cm x 12cm x 18cm)

For •Canon EOS Rebel •Canon EOS 300D •Canon EOS 10D •Canon EOS 20D

These Ikelite SLR-DC housings for Canon have Conversion Circuitry built into the camera tray. When used with an Ikelite DS Substrobe; the Conversion Circuitry provides real Canon eTTL flash exposure with over and under-exposure compensation of two f-stops in half-stop increments. At the push of a button, switch to Manual Exposure Mode which provides eight power settings in one-half stop increments. All exposure compensation is done with 2 buttons on the back of the housing, no accessing complicated camera menus.

TTL Mode Yellow LED

Manual Mode Yellow LED

TTL Mode Yellow LED

Mode & Compensation

Mode & Compensation ikelite

Underwater Systems

50 W 33rd Street Indianapolis, IN 46208 317-923-4523


Ikelite SLR-DC Housings also Available for

Nikon D70 Nikon D100 Olympus E-1 (UL)

New products

Ikelite Nikon Coolpix 4800 housing

Ikelite have announced a new miniversion of their heavy duty thick wall housings that is virtually indestructible, has 200 feet depth capabilities, and is priced like thin wall housings with limited depth rating.

This Nikon digital camera provides excellent results at a very realistic price. Drop into the housing for a fun and satisfying experience. All camera functions are accessible.

The housing is moulded of corrosion free clear polycarbonate and operates safely to 200 feet. The flash built into the camera operates fine in the housing and provides very good photos.

An optional DS series strobe placed farther from the lens improves the photographs by reducing the illumination of particles in the water.

Optional #9523.31 Tray with Release Handle is required to attach optional SubStrobes.

Optional strobes do not operate TTL with these cameras, but the Manual Controller provides 10 power settings with the DS-50 or DS-125 digital SubStrobes.

The lens port allows attaching the optional UWL-100 wide angle lenses produced by Inon and Epoque. The port accepts the 67mm threads of these conversion lenses which can be attached and removed when underwater.

For more information visit www.ikelite.com

Light & Motion Blufin FX1

Light & Motion is proud to announce a new professional underwater housing for the Sony High Definition HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U Camcorders.

The new housing will have an advanced feature set that will satisfy even the most discriminating videographers. HD technology is now available at a fraction of the price and size of the original HD systems. The resolution improves on conventional miniDV camcorders, rising from 480 x 720 up to 1080 x 1440 pixels. If you own a high definition capable display, you can start using it to its full potential.

Bluefin FX1 coming soon!!


Fantasea FD-70 Housing for Nikon D-70

Fantasea Line is pleased to announce the development of the FD-70 housing for the Nikon D-70 digital SLR camera. The FD-70 is scheduled to be launched in early 2005.

Here are some of the first photos of the FD-70 Housing.

Target retail price with anti flooding insurance and standard lens port less than $1000. For further details visit www.fantasea.com

Nexus D70 Digital

Anthis/Nexus since 1979

Nexus offers amazing features with compact size.

• Aluminum housing

• Full controls

• 2 Extra external glands

• Adjustable handles

Visit www. usanexus. com

See all the features for the Nikon D70 that Nexus has to offer.


858-455-0873 USA Nexus


Digital strobes Wide angle lens Macro lens Video Light Focus light Arms and Trays www. Epoque-usa. com

Find all the accessories you need for digital underwater photography

Epoque-USA • 858-455-0872

www. Epoque-usa. com

Find all the accessories you need for digital underwater photography

54x Wide Lens

Fantasea Line Introduces:

fd-70 Housing

Forthe Nikon D-70 Camera

Also: The Coolpix Collection forthe Nikon

2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 4100, 4200, 4300, 5100, 5200

Coming soon !!! 4600, 5600, 7600, 5900, 7900, 8700 and 8800.

Suggested Retail price $999 including standard port and anti flooding insurance program!


Strobes, Wide angle and Macro lenses, Arms, Trays, LED Lights and more now available!

Purchase On-Line at best rates ever: www.fantasea.com

Special program for authorized dealers. For more information: [email protected]

Subtronic Mini Digital

The Subtronic Mini Digital is a compact high performance strobe developed for Camera Controlled Flash (CCF) exposure with digital cameras. It is suitable for use with digital cameras encased in clear housings as it depends upon the slave sensor being able to see the cameras own flash firing. The Subtronic CCF technology is extremely accurate as it uses the cameras own light meter to determine correct exposure. There is a calibration feature to ensure the CCF is matched to the camera you are using. The Mini also provides five

manual power settings for difficult subjects that can confuse your camera resulting in poor exposures or for creative lighting control.

An LED modelling lamp is built in. These helps you to confirm proper strobe placement and illuminates your subject at night or when working in shadow, such as under an overhang. www.subtronic.de


Amphibico Phenom FXZ1

Amphibico has launched its all new, full-featured Phenom FXZ1 HDV Marine Housing.

The housing will provide access to all key camcorder functions to depths of 330 feet or 100 meters and includes Amphibico's usual high quality, full zoom-through 94 degree optics.


Subal Canon 20D, available with the new GS viewfinder.

Following the success of the 10D, the 20D is the latest offering from Canon, thought by many to be the market leaders in digital photography. The 20D is an 8 megapixel DSLR, offering the handling and build quailty many would expect from a pro level camera.

The housing features a total of 18 controls, the ergonomic positioning gives comfortable access to the cameras functions, in the form of push buttons, levers, and rotary dials. Many other features which are synonymous with Subal have been carried over to the C20.

The camera is mounted on a saddle providing precise positioning inside the housing - installation errors are nearly impossible. A large O-ring provides maximum security as does the trustworthy Subal Quick Lock latching system, which makes it virtually impossible to close the lid if the O- ring is not in its groove. It also featues two Nikonos V flash connectors, but can also be fitted with Subtronic S6 sockets, giving TTL with a Canon flash gun such as the 500 EX.

The rear viewing window is shaded by the housing back, making the LCD screen bright and clear.

The housing is machined from a solid block of aluminium making it hard wearing but light, weighing in at just over two kilograms. Around two thirds the weight of some polycarbonate housings.


Sigma 10-20mm lens

The 10 - 20 mm F4.0 - F5.6 is an interesting super wide-angle lens which would provide 15 - 30 mm equiv. on a 1.5 FOV crop camera (such as the Nikon D70).

This lens also features Sigma's HSM (HyperSonic Motor) for high speed silent focusing with manual focus override.

New Mistral twinhose

Aqualung have announced a new twin hose regulator. The first commercially available sport diving regulators used two hoses - one to feed air to the diver, the other to remove exhaled air. Both hoses meet at a valve at the divers back. But by the early 1970's twin hose regulators had largely given way to single hose models.

Veteran underwater photographers often favoured twin hose regulators because they could make shy subjects much more approachable. This is because exhaled air leaves from behind the divers head. The bubbles are also better dissipated by the valve casing . Basically, the fish doesen't get buffetted as much as when you exhale through a normal regulator mouthpiece.

The new regulator is called the Mistral in honour of the original Mistral series of twin hose regulators which were renowned worldwide in the early days of the sport. The 21st century model is available in a clamp or DIN fittings and has take offs for an octopus and direct feeds. There's even a special edition for collectors! www.aqualung.co.uk

Two Nexus Digital Dome Ports

Nexus have introduced two compact ports specifically designed for use with Nikon's 12 - 24mm wide angle zoom and 10.5mm fisheye digital lenses. Both ports use glass optics and feature aluminium bodies. The 12 - 24mm port is about 125mm in diameter, barely wider than the Nexus housing port mount itself. It is only 70mm long. A metal lens shade is optional.

The 10.5mm port is even slimmer at 110mm in width and just 55mm in length. It has a built in four leaf hood to help protect the optic and minimise flare.

Both ports are exceptionally small considering the lenses that they accommodate. Nexus include a front protective cap and a spare O ring as standard.



Sea & Sea YS-15AUTO

An ultra-compact auto-slave strobe designed specifically for digital cameras. The YS-15AUTO synchronizes with or without an optional fiber-optic cable to your digital camera's built-in flash. For more details visit www.seaandsea.com

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Compared to film cameras, digital cameras are easy to use, fun and extremely versatile. Every day there’s more features being designed. Whether you have the cheapest model or a high end model, digital cameras can do an endless number of things. Let’s look at how to get the most out of your digital camera.

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