Don't resort to cloning. The whole purpose of a photography-based pipeline is that the artist uses the power of the photo. I will be using large chunks of skin and blending edges instead of cloning I will start my underpainting sampling of nearby skin of the forehead to set my skin tonality.

70 ESSENCE The Face

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Q Step 4: Skin pathology

I was watching the medical channel one day and they were suro.cauv grafting skin, when I noticed how close it was to the »ay i A~is work.™ Often, plastic surgeons use the naturally hidden areas to n Je ^tch^ I want to use a large skin graft and slowly build up wnere the na.r meet, the facial skin. I know I will have overlap, and I want to protect the temple, cheek, and forehead as much as possible

O Step 6 Clean extension

It you do you? job right you will have a nice seamless tone I was slow to build up the painting yet I still have a lot of pore data It you clone, you lose your data tor the bump

|_p Step 5: Skin grafting

I am watching the tonal variations. It's easy to sample the wrong skin and make for noticeable patches. The last thing I want to do is create patterns.

ESSENCE The Face 71

O s,eP 7: Shoulder patch re J

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