Simulating Tissue Damage

The dark side

Mughahhahaha! Welcome to my dark side If you want to do creature textures, you might want to pay attention to this now

Protecting photographs is nice, but when a scar job comes along, it's a chance to prove your chops as a texture artist. With a photographic pipeline, it s not a question of a scar, but what kind of scar? Do you want an acid scar, burn scar, battle scar, bruise, cut. laceration, or just a plain birth defect.

One of the most important and valuable things I did for Sony was to create a massive hi-resolution texture library. We shot planes, tanks, weapons, half-tracks, and missiles. Any type of metal for a vehicle or ship that a texture artist could ever want, we have archived We shot rare lizards and bats from 'The Museum of Natural History' for all types of creatures, bats, dragons, or monsters. We shot the armor collection at Metropolitan Museum of Art' for every type of armor you could want. Just when I thought I had one of the craziest collections of hi-res photography, I came across 3D.SK's collection of dead cow pictures.

Part of the texture or matte painter's job is to have a crazy archive of photos. When I saw Peter's collection of photos from the slaughter house, I knew all my needs for scar photography were satisfied. If you don't have a weak stomach, then this tutorial is for you.

142 ESSENCE The Face

Photos Models With Belly Scar
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