Shave Her Scalp

samoie I am kin or alt from me shoulder »l tos öw goose p*mp* .s mounded I «*M continually use tms patcn 10 «ss ot her ->«ad *ift a um« Warp ** tup-fioppinfl löte to create large areas of plwlo o step 8 Bach t r id a Piece of a photo that will get you a long way fen sample can get me through the sides and the back.

The shoulder samp»«i *) und€r.SCalp. I am going to make th,s aice°and clean l can reuse the bald map on a lot more characters

Bald Scalp

O Step 9-" Mrs Clean

Once you build a side patch you can resample it. The back head slides right on. I add another sample from the front neck to take out the back neck. The more I generate larger patches of tonal skin the easier it gets to patch baldness.

O Step 10: Mop top

As you can see from the top angle, the skin is consistent tonally If | h h to, I could use this as a base underpainting and head back to 3D sk 3D.SK has shaved head pictures on it. I could easily graft a male sha ri head onto Monika to further lock down solid skin data in the m Since hair will be added, I will stop here. ap>

72 ESSENCE The Face


Creating a baldness map

Q Step 11: Bake and blend

I Wiii pull my collection of bakes together and overlay it on the original color map. I will blend the facial skin with the bald layer. I'm happy with the overall tone. I want to keep the bald layer separate so I can use it for other character variations or for other characters entirely.

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