Preparing for A air

A good teiture artist sftoutd oe ab*e to pu* a 'aoo«! out of me rut Ow age makeup tissue damage or a baldness map Usually in video game land I am using a nair base it a mgn-proMe cnaracter comes up I will nave to generate a bald map

Hair is a complicated beast in itself It's a mucn easier process to go ahead and paint tne hair in This allows your hair artist to have a guide on hairlines. Once tne hair artist sets tne hairline they can swap out me maps with the bald layer.

It's a good idea to do hair and no hair options You get into complicated issues with the shadow of the hair falling on the scap ¿no a number of other issues Sometimes tr 'j js! Joesn t * depending on what productior and *nat post house you are at ft s a safe bet to have the hair map standing by

As you work with skin more and more, you begin to apply medical procedures. Often, you start thinking like a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist You think about how to stretch skin and how to protect it from damage. You run into tricks on how to hide your scars or seams A baldness map is nothing more than skin grafting.

64 ESSENCE The Face

Pre hair

Creating a baldness map

^ nio lame chunks of skin with big pores. The forehpan

O step 1: Front hairline se , will samp m* ™ |es , want t0 awa ene^ nec wf. , start with the front line. This bald map is a great h make ^ ^ , w, b yp £ Jom w photo-collage ,n preference to cloning stan MmJ^ ^ tQ b|en(J g seam|ess patch Qf ^ ( ^S of ^

any cloning.

er skin not use

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