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O SteP 1 Light rig cej of ban mao is a sttoftOv *out of ttie do* idea

We take a

tti creates a neutral overall lighting on the skir almost 'ike a turtle or 6 i Joe itgtt rig In this case we take multiple directional lights and place them 360 degrees— dispersed evenly on all ingles it the head

O Step 2: Blinn

, , n Km^ Bimn or shiny shader with just the bump map I usually STftST*? to 2" One o. me problems with B-bn colo, J mat Jo! ar! 6anS.no m grey maps The information is in the map but Mava 8 Dit c<i get sm«m somehmes The 2" setting dials down Z mi ano shade, to- Maya This Is the only setting you need to leml io- this tnck Retei to the Bump tutorial.

o Step 3: Even lighting

The idea is everything that our lights generate as white will be the specularity. If you get really tricky with this method, you can create layers of specularity highlights by simply adjusting the rig. High-powered lighting will get you a sharper highlight. While lower level lighting will get you a more diffused spec.

Won AIM inUm

Won AIM inUm

O Step 4: Getting baked

We are going to pull a bake just like we would a regular projection. This time we'll enable "Bake Shading Group Lighting". Although this is a pretty proven way of doing specs, play around with some settings. Choke the Blinn's default color from grey to black and you get tighter specular highlights for layered specular shaders.

90 ESSENCE The Face texturing

Shiny happy pixels

Specular highlights

Q Step 5: Backface scattering

m rig is meant to generate an even grey. Most people mm h k spec maps—this one is not. The medium orev hS! h,9h-contrast overall healthy skin sheen. Just enough to kiss Jm« g,ve you an It also puts your specular settings in the middle for th 'nt° the skm o Step 6: Touch-ups it You roiv ---------- ------------------ w«uuun to kiss snm* i * ■ " A simnip'foatK^^it0 finalize the map I mane out the hairline blark a,so puts your specular settings lnUthe m, ,e °,or t 6 the Sk,n W Ca r ,he ha'r"ne ,s The <*" »onesSi wu choke it down or push it up tor an oily skin J 9h,ln9 of 10 ove'-crank with Levels to really white ,n the miers lighting team a nice neutral default map °"V Skln shee" » 9'ves the Not bad or w T °0 n°Se and "ps " 'ealiy wan: to L1 shckler a highlight on the cr s? 7? The ll9h, bake Wl" guarantee

-th ioo% is L7VZ ZeT re on ,he ,ace can't promise that ast Zlt' 0ther sPec maPs

ESSENCE The Face 91

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