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Diffuse Map Polarizing

0 Step 9: Materials and filtering

It's worth a final look at our blended diffuse map in false color. Here,

1 have equalized the red, green, and blue channels to have equal representations. Looking closely at the differences, we have lost a lot of the obvious specular shine on the front of the face. But, what is really pleasing is that the blue-green fringe you can see at low angles on the photograph (left) is almost completely eliminated on our blended map (right). So, we have been very successful at suppressing low-angle specular, and this all happens in real-time in the DirectX shader tool.

Look closer at the low-angle suppression—you can see that we have done a lot better on the left side of Monika's face. This is because, in this blend, we had a side photograph for her left, but not the right. It's clear that when we can blend all the different angle shots at once that we will do a lot better in suppressing the specular component. Also, take a close look at Monika's left chin region. Note that we have completely eliminated the large scale specular bump component.

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