Siep 17: Under the shader

, . -Thp Poor Man s SSS" looks like Only six maps: Epidermal is wnal ine rw M Bump; Specu|ar (used lw|

c^aceTcattering I actual,y don't plug anything into the dittuse a,


and backface scattering

140 ESSENCE The Face r

Cosmetic* m puru

SimuMinQ ntltatJi*

Step 18: Macro test rhQm want to try a macro test. See how close you can go with 4K v!VDer, adjust the bump down the closer you go. The eyebroAs e netting a little sketchy. If I were doing this for film, we wouia fur eyebrows ■■

Oitterent angles

Try testing "The Poor Man s SSS* Aith omerent light settings.

angles and

ESSENCE The Face 141

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