" * maoe is made by equalizing the red, green, ana blue

This false co or (0ughly equal response ranges for the bull components so tne ^ ^ the massive variation in response to i regions Now « The tace has a complex va u different ^^ ^e are due to the surface reflectiveness-^0

:!!P^r^eTet.ect,on of short wavelengths edges

Mere *e try« .mages tr^wi tax Whan you wo* at me M cotor pftotogr apn you are not consciously ¿«are of me drama&c hue srwtts and *nat mey are tewing aOout me condition of me siun Wftat we are good at is looking at skin and knowing »nemef ft s heaJtny or not dry moist ody sweaty m*ck thin, clean or duty m physical terms, we are assessing me surface diffuse color ipecu u • lections surtacebtTip suocutaneous scanenng epiderma DIUe-yi^.. -------- -

scattering. and surface woctong (by dirt motes frecWes etc» Ratner man are a» i wave,engths The Hps are absorbing a lot of green, but al^ despa/i g at *orH ng tms ail out a nd re-creating it we can use the vast 1 * lhe D|ue a lot with the result of a red-purple color.

difference in penetration of red green, and Wue to our benefit re y .y^mm^m mtjmm I ^^H I J^^ll esp0nc Lri reflection ot short wavelengths at low angles, the edQ;; IZDl e g en The shmy skin below the eyes also reflectsft a[ thl shor? wavelengths, ihe Hps are absorbing a lot of green, but a.° of the shortwave « ^ ^ ^ Qf a fe(j_purp|e ^ a.So

50 ESSENCE The Face

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