Front Face Model

O s,eP 3 Setting up tor first shot

Th«s ts me very fust shot and * too* aimost an hour to get m<s one ng«t To t»ne-tune the ugni ntensmes soft-Do a positions and makeup reqw « a tot of patience *e too* se*ef* snots and made sm*; after each of mem The idea »s to get perfect diffuse and even ngm on t>om sides of me face *hich sounds much easier than it is in me e a *e realized there »as a slight difference in right cheek makeup intensity and the lights were set up properly

Model Front Face

O step 4 Front head snapsr.u.

„„.„ cnanshot IS tne most important photo tor head modelino 55 *2 , en a s"aPt00K several shots horn the same an0le )ust « ¿nd a pretty good photo Models are not perfectly

38 SU'e. "¿1 and a sm" movement ot the head can result in a ddteren, symmetrica Land a smai teatures More shots bene iASo object tor the modeler.

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