1 do su inl,tc Tect1y Here is our 2K mesh subdivided up one evei L itortui ateiv tttf^ 3 mesh smooth subdivision methods also smooth out detail This is a 3" °f hiem in areas like the eyelids where we really want to keep re aeta ea' the subdivided (cyan) mesh has smoothed out our eye .d deta,

q step 15; Comparing the subdivision methods is a render of the result of the two different subdivision procedures. Rnth renders have a final subdivide (both the same type) applied in the rierer. The bad mesh subdivide is on the left. You can see that the nothing has opened the mouth. It has also thinned up the lower eyelid ri smoothed out detail around the nose and the corner of the mouth. The h subdivide model on the right has kept all of our fine detail. Efficiency fp add an Unwrap UV modifier and weld UV verts after you do this.

O Step 14 Patch subdvision solution

Tne solution to th s problem s to ti r tie po > "nesh no a patch ' .me re tangent cc ltro na dies ana me subc viae i»as Max, yot co tr is by applying a Turn To Patch moo tier, then an Edt Patch then select a ve'ts at the sub-ot ect eve a d Reset ^ange t Hanc es ght nouse Click menu). Ne>a you subdivide the patch then you app's a \ rn to Po'v modifier. Now you have a mesh that has been subdivided through all your original verts as you can see here

O step 16: Adding detail

No matter how good any parametric head generation system is, you are inevitably going to want to add your own detail. The trick is to always try to get your parametric head model to a point where custom detail can be added without any concerns about losing detail if you change the parametric head model. Starting with the 2K base parametric head, this is nearly always OK. After adding a level of subdivision with patches, you can convert to polygon and add an Edit Polygon modifier. All your tweaks are now based on relative vertex motion and should hold up if you change the base model shape. Here, we see the results of tweaks around the eyes. nose, and mouth.

ESSENCE The Face 107

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