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Step 3 The color of a bruise ni¥erse is a strange thing—especially it it s a painful bruise T*e »f tmg to bring out purples and dark reds tor the underlying damage ou know depending on what part of your body it s in your blood °iC Irterent colors In tact, a blow to the head produces dark purplish ^ js opposed to a finger prick Take a look next time you have so**

ESSENCE The Face 145


Bruising & scarring

Simulating tissue damage

O Step 4 Facial discoloration

I am slowly going to bring up the facial discoloration I erase 80% of the galaxy, but the part that is left looks good, I will do a number of things to an overlay, including all types of Levels changes Then I start to spot erase with a 9% brush

Q Step 5: Side blush

I am going to start articling the overall lace. I'm going to make Monika Lie- and then start to make her eyes really dark with a runny red nose Next time you see someone with the tlu. notice the strange pale color and severe red around nostrils and lips

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