fk Step 6: Knowing where to find reference

, Dfing,ng out the scars. Do some Google searches on -Medical ' ^nuraphy"—<especially dermatology websites Googie gives the most r tor exact word matches, sc though it is deeply disturbing you rel many graphic examples of domestic abuse using a term like ♦ beating". You can try all types of word associations tor types >s e - dents to get the imagery you need out of Google A good texture °f t knows where to find what they need on the net.

O SteP Dead cow

I am going to start to bring out the deao cow ' >m bk The meat section on Peter s website * get yot a v . you need

ESSENCE The Face 147

^ A A scarring


O SieP 8 weight map

For the weight map I would usually use Levels and litt up the midtones and wherever there is white I would get scattering Since scar tissue is rather opaque. I m simply going to plug in a greyscale color map


O Step 10: Epidermal color

Another variation due to the scar circumstance is the epidermal color map. Usually, I desaturate the epidermal color map. With the power of the weight map cut back, I'm going to use the color map as the epidermal color without any desaturation.

0 Step 9: Subdermal color

1 am going to cover the color map when I split it into the subdermal color I'll leak in some blue and magentas into the shadows to bring out the bruises

(J) Step 11: Permanent scar

The SSS really makes this scar take off. With scattering you get to explore the true depth of skin—especially in scar tissue. I did not change any setting or make any post tweaks in Photoshop. This render was done with two area lights, and just the current map plugged in.

148 ESSENCE The Face

Bruising & scamng _

Simulating tissue : m


Bruising A scarring

Simulating tissue dama

Q Step 12: Seeing other people

With scars and aging you really get to explore the strange mixtures of people s faces. I head over to 3D SK and find a gentleman with a cleft palate ----

0 S,eP 14: Fresh scars and older scars

1 m starting to dial in the scar. I've decided to make the left half of Monika s face beaten and bruised The right side is going to be a burn scar I also want to make the scar appear older, as if it has healed over. One thing that s bothering me is her right side eyebrow If she were burned it would be melted off along with her eyelashes So I'm going to go back to my meat textures and melt off the rest of the brow

o steP 13: Cleft palate

Cuts and cleft palates are really easy. Try the Overlay blend mode, desaturate, or play with Levels. Usually, if you have a decent photograph of a cut, it drops right in.

150 ESSENCE The Face

Q Step 15: Final color map

.. . Hm final color map From this one map you can er- ■ SlCP 1?" Fmal SCar neec

0 0

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