ESSENCE The Face mooeung texturing

Eye ot the beholder

Simulating human eyes q step 10: Brown-eyed girl

O SteP 11 Specular map

. „ W3IU _______- co,or and sp* maPS siKXiW took something

JJs. Note that on the color map for the sclera, there's a blue-grayish transition it catch the rve n n***5 ** ,ns Als0 ^ S ,ghtly blurTV *** 00 ** "^se >N ... eoges are very important, sharp edges in the eye area are a deac CG g ve-

: .. The ins is slightly bulging, but I've pushed it into a concave bowl shapeK

highlight on the side of the ins opposite the direction of the gt*—with shader this simulates a caustic hot spot. The B;inn is Dertect


The specular map should be black over the sclera and pupils, and a hot vibrant version ot the color map over the iris If it's brown, as in this case, it should be orange-red It the color is blue-gray, it should be a 100% blue or cyan.

^ but in this example I'm using the mental ray SSS Fast Skin shad ¿cause only in Maya 8 did the Blinn have the sub-surtace scattenng attnbute

0 Step 12: Caustic fake vou can see how the Blinn highlight simulates fairly accurately how interacts with the iris Blue is used here since it shows up the effect ore clearly This was rendered in mental ray. with HDRI and a single mn0{ilQht'(retraced shadows; not very strong intensity; the HDRI did most nt the work) Lastly, we have the cornea/wet layer, simply mapped with a PhonoE shader to make it look glossy The PhongE settings are: Dark rnior fuiiv transparent; Diffuse left at default; Roughness: 1.4; Highlight c|.e 0 04 Specular Color 0 58. Reflectivity 0 1; and Index of Refraction:

1 38 Note the bump map Qoes in this shader. not the lower layer a also that I'm using a subtle noise bump map on the wet layer to be more realistic, but don't let it cover the cornea. The cornea is always perfectly smooth (or we'd all have trouble seeing clearly). Since the wet layer shader is also covering the sclera, the sclera-shader itself shouldn't have specularity or reflectivity at all (only some specularity on the iris, as described above). That's why the sclera should be colored black in the specularity map. The pink wet inside o1 the inner eye-corner is tricky, semi-hidden, and fitting snugly to surrounding tissue. It needs to visually blur into the sclera somehow, either by a transparent soft edge, or by using a similar color at the edge. The shader is SSS Fast Skin, very similar to the sclera, plus a wet layer, slightly redder but not too dark or strong pink.

ESSENCE The Face 97

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