Skin deep

Q Step 8: Corrected diffuse map

Here we have applied a 3-point correction curve to the RGB channel* you see the correction curve for the blue channel here The d tf p IS now both flat and as free of specular as we can get with asimn^p method like this. In the future, I will add methods for the DirectX shXr tool to automatically remove the contribution for the reflected liohtinn We can estimate the light sources from reflections on the eve For n<m we have a diffuse color map that is way better than most used for P^n the best film work. Now that we are done you can see that we have akn removed most of the specular component from the hair and eyebrows

We still have small scale (bump) specular component—but this can easily be averaged out with a softening filter—averaging out the bump highlights and the shadows. Although this is way beyond what most people have done before, it's worth remembering that our diffuse map is still predominated with the sub-surface scattered light for the red and green channels. For Caucasian skin, the true diffuse would probably be nearly white with perhaps a slight blue green tint because most ot the red light penetrates into the skin and is scattered.

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