Gimp Lens Distortion Head

Open Mouth

O Step 3: Designing the line structure (Nose & Mouth) O

Squeezing the lines on the corner of the mouth gives enough lines to create open mouth shapes for facial blend shapes. On the nose area make sure the line follows the wrinkle which starts from the side of the nose and ends at the chin.

The structure of the ear is very complicated. There are many different approaches to modeling the ear, but with this model it was drawn to simplify the lines.

About tace

Modeling the human head

About tace

Modeling the human head

Q Step 5: Do I look fat in this model?

This half model was built by connecting the faces based on the structure that had already been designed. For reference, when matching the model and photo (usually in the Orthographic front view), the length between the cheek and the ears is better to be measured a little bit wider than the actual photo. This is due to the photographic distortion based on the visual angle. It is normal for the model to be slightly fatter than the actual photo.

Generally, it is better to choose the size of each face and build them in square form. Try to avoid making any sudden changes such as the rectangular form shown on the neck area.

Human Head ModelingHuman Head Orthographic

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