Aging Monika

Painting tn tne years

O s,eP 1 The forehead

I am going to start with the forehead The aging process will be a fairly easy one The younger Monika s face map will serve nicely as a starter map I won't have to do behind the ears again Since we didn't cast a specific old woman for the shoot, I go to 3D SK for help I pull various pictures of grannies for wrinkles, bags, and weathered skin. I don't have a specific woman in mind so it will be from ages 50-80 What will work? I don't know This is where photo-manipulation becomes painting

0 Step 2: Nose and bags under eyes

1 am getting a feel for my old age selects You have to try different patches and match them with Momka's original complexion which I have desaturated and added some blue coldness. I I mix and match eyebrows bags, and nose I still don't have a feel for the new older Monika just yet.


0 0

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