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O Step 3: Map conversion

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When using hi-res textures, in our case 4K, you will want to use mental ray's proprietary format. MAR The MAP format allows mental ray to load only the section and resolution it needs of the image file when rendering. To convert an image, use the following command from a shell or command prompt: imf_copy -r -p mylmage.tif mylmage.map I use New Technology Shell (available from www.highend3d.com). Any shell will work, including the command prompt built into Windows, or the terminal window in Mac OS X.

126 ESSENCE The Face

0 step 4: Map textures

The siting We size vwill t>e larger man me onginai Dut mental ra> * i ^p ■ reference part of it When saving me image out of Photoshop .se a formal lite TIFF with no layers (and with IBM PC Dyte oroer) The Dit oroer * m tue needs to be IBM PC tor imt_copy to play mceiy wim it v0u Qnt need to convert your texture to a friendly format—I use SGI betore converting to a MAP You can use a built in Maya utility imgcvt So your lor*flow would go something like mis: imgcvt mytexturetit mytexture sgi No* you have your texture converted to an SGI format, so you are ready to -onvert to a MAP: tmf_copy -r -p mytexture.sgi mytexture.map

imgcvt mytexture.jpg mytexture.sgi

O Step 5 Light maps

Lignt Maps are me Ke> to gettiriQ me SuD-su'tace Scattering effect when using me simple sun shaoer trom menta ray Use the lowest resolution mat produces acceptao»e results—using very high values in the File Size Width and File Size Height will De bruta on renoe times especially it you are combining the SSS snaoer with an iBl lignting technique Unoer Image Name oesignate a tiie to be created Using me MAP format will maKe your Light Map more efficient for mental ray It you re rendering on a render farm you'll need me map location local to each machine Each machine will generate its own file—they don't share those If you are on Windows, you might try something like C mySSS map


I File Texture Attribute*

Xextarc Type COior

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