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File S«ze Width 1024

File Size Height 512 File Size Depth 32 bits ill

^ Local

Image Name: c/

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O Step 6: Low-res light maps

Low-resolution light maps will exhibit the artifacts you see here. To fix this problem, simply add more resolution to the light map. Don't add more than you need. Add enough to get rid of the artifacts, but that's it. It's a good idea to keep these numbers in the powers of 8, eg 8,16, 32, 64,128, 256, 512, etc.

ESSENCE The Face 127

O Step 7 Color alpha pass tnoer as they a*>* Y*** g A simple way to

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styWQ «at co» j key me cotor or sei a*V >d exudt lUi rt Step 8 Bent normals pass u. c a method ot associating a color to a direction, so green tor y Bent normals «s a g composltlng packages allow you to use this red tor X arrf light sources in the composite after you have pass to ^f^^Xr simpler way Is to key into the color of the i,gh! already renck^^' ^ ^ (eve|s of hye an(j saturat(Qn ^ ^

direction you want tcdU) $ ghader |n shader writmg t0 taRe pretty common to use a Gather soft lighting

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