Bringing It All Together

This first Creative ESSENCE title brings together a collection of the very finest professional artists with current experience m re-creating digital humans. It represents a new format and a new series for Ballistic Publishing. A series that we plan will become a ae-iacto resource for professional and aspiring artists around the world. It's been a lengthy processes getting the right mix of assets, amsis, ana' maienai. This is especially important as we intend to make the core assets developed in the books available on complementary bbbtnut uvus.

One of the biggest balancing acts we had to manage was how much information we covered and at what level of detail. We chose to aim this series at the mid- to advanced-level artist. We expect that you will know the principals and will have heard of most of the techniques we cover, although you may not have had time to play with all the techniques. ESSENCE does provide a lot of detail and steps, but it s not a complete step-by-step tutorial. In addition to showing you the best of current professional approaches, we will also show you some of the upcoming techniques and tools. So without further ado let s look at what's to come in this, the very first Creative ESSENCE: The Face.

Making photo-real human faces

The most valuable thing you can do as a digital artist is to bring a totally believable digital character to life. We are going to show you some of the best techniques on photographing, modeling, UV mapping, texturing and rendering a believable digital double of our lovely model Monika A lot of the credit for the material in this first book goes to the remarkable efforts, and talents, of Paul Fedor—artist, director, and former texture guru for Sony in its PlayStation 3 cinematics department. Paul worked closely with us and helped to coordinate a photo shoot with Peter Levius (co-founder of 3D.SK), and modeling by Hong Suck Suh (3D modeler lor Sony's cinematic department). Between them they demonstrate the very best of class in preparing models to match photographs. UV mapping and creating baked texture maps. Paul then goes on to show some great tricks for faking believable skin rendering and generating awesome aging and tissue damage textures We also have Steven Stahlberg (co-author of d'artiste Character Modeling) demonstrating his approach to making, texturing, and rendering photo-real eyes Finally. Matt Hartle (render guru with film credits on Van Helsing' and 'Scorched') shows us some of the best practices for high-end rendering This team effort results in a world-class model. UV mapping, textures and rendering techniques The results are worthy of any next-gen game Given the materials, time and practice any reader will be able to re-create this work and even take it further With more lime and hand-polishing, the material and techniques will yield work suitable for the very best high-definition video and film output

Basics, alternatives and the future

I have contributed to this book in a number of areas I had intended to )uSt cover some basics and a few new techniques like subsurface scattering for rendering realistic skin However in preparing materia» for the took

I became aware of the vast potential of current and future graphics cards to revolutionize many of the processes covered in this book What started out as development of a DirectX shader just to show two photographs on a single model, resulted in an extensive shader tool that automates much of the tedium of current map projection and blending

Complementary assets—community of digital artists

We intend to make the digital assets and tools developed in this book available on a complementary DVD We also plan to collect a growing pool of new tools, like the shader tools I describe and make mem available to the global community Ail of this wtll be done m conjunction with our online division, the CGSociety This a II be the first time we bring together our publishing division. 8aiiistic Publishing, and our community the CGSociety so closely I hope to meet many of you online—to hear your comments, to see what you do with the material we provide

Or Mart Snosweii

Publisher BaUfStK Pub^hmg

President CGSociety

Ba i&ftc Pub ^^ and the CGSoc*ty «re tV* v»om 0« fra hux www Ba jbcPub**!* ng tom www CG$oc*ety on)

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