Diffuse Remove Eyelashes

o Step 11: Removing the eyelashes

To really dial in the hidden eyelid, I'll order up a temporary shape with the eyelid closed. I am also going to start the painful process of removing eyelashes. Unfortunately, I have to do some cloning. I Warp as much of the upper eyelid photograph as I can. I want as much pure photograph to clone from as possible.

O Step 12: The trick to cloning

The trick to cloning is using 90-100% opacity. You don't want to clone at lower level transparencies, which will produce fogged photography The reason I don't recommend cloning is because it relies heavily on the artist's skills to prevent repeating patterns. Only really good texture artists can make cloning invisible. My eye can always pick up sloppy cloning

80 ESSENCE The Face

Time tor updates

Refining details

Q Step 13: Comparison original bake has a lot of good things about it. I really like the fl3rk crease in Monika s folded eyelid. I don't want to lose that

0 Step 14: Got my lid

1 will ghost my bake over the top of my original map I will then slightly erase and blend the two. Notice I am still keeping some of the original projection. Unfortunately, all this work was done tor that split second moment in the rare event of a close-up that we would actually catch a streak in her eyelid.

Monika Kubickova 3dsk
Monika Kubickova

O Step 15: Back to the original

We have two versions of Monika with makeup. One with and without the eyelashes. I want to go back to compare the original for a second.

O step 16: White glove test

Because there has been a modeling change, I want to make one final test. I overlay 3D.SK's photograph over the model. The eyes seem to have dead-on alignment. If there's ever a place you don't want to be off it's the eyes. The eyebrows are also off.

ESSENCE The Face 81

O Step 17 Getting the eyebrows right u, *---t<\A Ar |V I W

1 ur

Q Step 18 Not quite right

-- - . - «uahtvims so at least at least they are symmetrical. I tried to even -fai projection However, I have a gut feeling that t

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