Pretty in pixels reference

o steP Skin structure

This photo is intended to bring more of the skm structure deiaii in case it is required. It is a pretty sharp photo ano at 16-megapixel resolution there is more than enough detail to use.

O Step 6: Photographing the lips

Taking a gooc photo of i;ps can De tricKy Ups are natural / glossy, and don t reaiiy want any glossiness in our textures. Glossiness and highlights are always created in the final rencer accoroing to lighting in the scene, so it looks unnatural to have more sources of highlights. As you can see there is still a little glossiness present in the first photo. Otherwise, it's very sharp and has good detail. As usual, we play with the light intensity and reflection ooard positions to get different results. Texture artists can then use the best parts of each photo to compose the final texture.

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