Using the Paths Tool as a Masking Tool Using Filters for Light Effects

The Paths tool has multiple uses: On the one hand, it enables you to produce free (vector-based) shapes that can be transformed, filled, and otherwise edited. On the other hand, GIMP supports a variety of methods to create selections from paths and transform selections into paths—for example, in the Paths dialog or in the Select menu.

Paths are not limited to straight-line objects and edges. On the contrary, they are extremely useful when creating and tracing complex objects and shapes. Paths can be aligned to the contours of even very complicated image objects with great precision. They can be used to extract regularly shaped, curved objects: glasses, cars, etc.

In the next exercise, you will use paths to copy a wine glass (a somewhat regularly curved object) from an image, which is a more difficult task with other Select tools.

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