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With this book at hand, you should easily get along with GIMP. But if you would like to go into more depth and learn about all of the possible settings, you might try using the Help function.

It must be rather tedious for software programmers to develop help programs and documentation. They seem to be written after the fact. For GIMP, this definitely has been the case. Sometimes you may rely on the Help function and it responds by opening a window that says Eeek! The Help function is missing here. Fortunately, this doesn't happen much anymore. Since the release of GIMP 2.0, the Help function has continuously been extended and is rather comprehensive. The user manual recently has been updated to GIMP 2.6. In any case, it might be worthwhile to have a look if you have any questions. It is great for information concerning tools and functions.

Using the Help Function

You can find the Help function for GIMP by using the Help menu in the image window. Various help topics are available.

Initially there is the actual Help function, which is the documentation of the program. This user manual can be downloaded from the Internet as an installation program (see section 1.5.1). It will be installed on its own and is immediately available. The program is stored locally in HTML format on the computer. Clicking the Help > Help menu item opens up in your standard web browser. If you scroll down the page, you will find the complete index of the user manual. Since it is in HTML format, you can maneuver just as if it were a web page.

If you choose Context Help, the second entry in the Help menu, your mouse pointer will turn into a question mark. Click with the question mark (left mouse click) on a tool or tool setting in your tool palette, in a dock, or in another window of GIMP. The Help function opens the chosen information in a browser window.






Contest Help Tip of the Day

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Plug-In Browser Procedure Browser

GIMP Online


User Manual

The Help menu in the image window

Figure 1.22

The Help menu in the image window



The Tip of the Day will appear each time you start GIMP. You can disable this feature. You can always check the Tip of the Day in the Help menu if you want to. These tips are always worth a moment of your time because they include practical information on how to use the program with its special settings and traits.

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GNU Image Manipulation Program


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