Opening an Image in UFRaw

When you start the stand-alone version of UFRaw, you'll see the window UFRaw you will use to open files. This window looks similar to the window in GIMP for opening an image using the File > Open menu option. Windows users may need some time to get accustomed to it because this window looks somewhat different than the Open window in standard Windows programs.

The window includes two panes. Double-click on the drive or main directory in the left pane, and then in the right pane, choose the directory in which you archived your image.

Above those panes in the window UFRaw, there are buttons that indicate the path in the directory. In case you get into the wrong directory, you can use these buttons to backtrack (see figure 2.3).

In the pane on the right, you see the files that are in the directory you selected in the left pane. However, only the preselected file type is displayed in the drop-down menu at the bottom right. These are RAW images at first.

To the right of the windows are scrollbars to simplify the search in your directories. Unlike the window you use to open files in GIMP, the window in UFRaw does not have a third pane with a preview of the file you selected.

Select the image you want to open and then click the Open button, or simply double-click the filename. UFRaw's main window is activated and your image appears.

The window used to open images doesn't close automatically after you have chosen an image. You can minimize it later when you are opening further images. To close the window, you must click on the X on the upper-right corner or click the Quit button.

There are some functions in this window that can be quite useful:

• You can "bookmark" directories that you intend to use often by selecting the folder's name in the list in the left pane (before it is opened) and clicking the Add button.

• In the drop-down menu under the right pane, you can choose from the list of file formats that can be opened by UFRaw.

Figure 2.3

The UFRaw window used to search for and open files. The Samplelmages folder has been bookmarked.

Figure 2.3

The UFRaw window used to search for and open files. The Samplelmages folder has been bookmarked.

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