A GIMP 28 Preview

GIMP was created by a group of independent, noncommercial programmers and is continuously being developed further. In January 2004, GIMP 2.0 was released, followed by version 2.2 in December of the same year. GIMP 2.4 appeared in October 2007, followed by version 2.6 a year later in October 2008.

The developers have begun their work on a new and more stable GIMP 2.8. It is still hard to say when it will be released, but some of the goals of the developers are identifiable. Nevertheless, the developer release of version 2.7x is freely available. Interested users can get an overview of the new program and try out the new tools. However, one shouldn't expect a fully functional program. Moreover, as the stable version competes with the beta version when used on the same computer, it is possible that one of the two programs won't work. At the end of this section I will point where you can download a developer version and what to watch out for.

I would like to give you an overview of the most important innovations and what to expect of GIMP 2.8.

In all likelihood, you won't be able to edit GIMP 2.8 with a greater color depth than 8 bits per channel, 24 altogether. Furthermore, editing in the color model CMYK and direct editing of RAW images with 48-bit color depth will be available only in later versions.

I expect the program interface to change quite a bit. Besides the well known multi-window-interface, a new single-window mode is in the works. Moreover, all windows will allow multi-column docking. Currently no new tools are planned, but the handling and the functionality of certain tools will be improved..

Querying new Plug-ins despee kïe.exe

Figure 5.2

The startup window of the development version GIMP 2.7

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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