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the Curves idded a Levels and finally irphotogr^phe


Martyn Ferry Oxford

Martyn makes the most of this view with his careful exposure and well-chosen toning. The exposure perfectly separates the trees from the mist without allowing the frosted grasses to burn out. It's a brilliantly atmospheric shot and captures the scene expertly

- Damien Demolder, Editor

Editor's Choice

Martyn, 34, became interested in photography while studying a course in film and TV make-up ten years ago. He bought a second-hand Praktica camera and started taking pictures of landscapes and nature. Trees are a particular favourite of his, although 'any view that combines an interesting landscape and sky is sure to have me reaching for my camera,' says Martyn. To see more of Martyn's images, visit

Icy fern

2 The shadows and ice create a sense of depth and balance. On his Camera Raw plug-in, Martyn adjusted the curves, luminance and saturation to give extra depth Olympus E-400, 150mm, 0.3sec atf/22, ISO 100


1 'The early morning light was starting to break through the mist, so I used a shallow depth of field to make the gate stand out from the misty trees,' says Martyn Olympus E-400, 58mm, l/160sec atf/6.3, ISO 100


Andrew Johnstone


Lloyd's Building

London cityscapes are a favourite subject 2 Andrew lay on the ground to capture for Andrew, whose work was featured in the this image of the London landmark

25 October 2008 issue of AP. 'There are so Nikon D80,18-70mm, 4secs at f/11, IS0100 many interesting buildings that you're never short of something to photograph,' he says. Canary Wharf

'Some buildings have been photographed many 3 'I asked permission to photograph times, so when I'm planning my compositions this London tube station,' says Andrew

I look for unusual angles to shoot from.' Nikon D80,18-70mm, 3secs at f/22, ISO 100


1A slow shutter speed blurs the movement of the ride in a rush of colour

Nikon D80,18-70mm, 3secs at f/11, ISO 320

John Lynch

West Sussex

John, 66, takes his camera with him every morning when he goes out to walk his dog. If the light is particularly promising he will take a tripod. 'I love the mistiness of the early mornings,' he says. 'It makes ordinary scenes atmospheric.' John has travelled to places such as Panama, Costa Rica and Madagascar, but he likes nothing more than strolling in the New Forest with his camera.

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4'The lady stopped in just the right place as the light came through the trees,' says John

Minolta 700si, 35-105mm, tripod

Forest stroll

1 John often waits for people to enter the frame to create interest

Minolta 700si,35-105mm, Fujichrome Provia 100F, warm-up filter


2 John metered for the highlights and then bracketed his exposures

Minolta 700si,35-105mm, Kodak Elite Chrome 100, warm-up filter

Misty morning

3 Mist descends on Horseshoe Bottom in The New Forest

Minolta 700si, 35-105mm

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