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Braun Photo Technik SR2000 Camera Test

Braun Photo Technik SR2000

The Braun Photo Technik SR2000 is a fully manual camera that gives photography students the chance to get back to basics

IT'S becoming increasingly difficult to buy new SLR film cameras. As most new photographers embrace the digital age, there is an entire generation that has never been in a darkroom or shot a roll of film. Yet even in this digital world it's important to learn the basics of how a camera works, and the best way to do this is on a fully manual camera.

With this in mind, Braun's Photo Technik SR2000 camera would seem to be the ideal camera for those learning photography.

Features, build & handling

To keep costs down, the SR2000 is made from plastic with the main body having a plastic-embossed leather-effect finish. Usefully, the camera comes with an ever-ready case to help protect it while out and about. In terms of features, the SR2000 is limited - there is only manual exposure and centreweighted metering. This leaves the aperture and shutter to be set manually. Also, as DX-coded film cannot be read, the ISO sensitivity must be manually set on the shutter speed dial.

Metering is centreweighted and can be assessed through the viewfinder via three LED displays that read either '+','-' or '0', which represents a perfect exposure. A depth of field preview is available to preview the effect of any aperture changes, with a self-timer for self-portraits and long exposures.

A Braun Ultralit 28-70mm f/3.4-4.8 zoom lens is included with the camera. This is available in Pentax K, Minolta MD and Yashica/Contax fit, depending on which version of the camera is purchased.

Although the metering system is accurate, it's advisable to bracket in high-contrast scenes


Although the Braun Photo Technik SR2000 uses very basic technology, ironically there is less to think about than on a modern digital SLR. Simply focus, adjust the shutter speed and/or fire the shutter and wind on.

I found it refreshing to get back to basics, and while I missed having autofocus, it was nice not to have to worry about white balance, raw files and the like. The viewfinder, however, is a little dark and doesn't offer a 100% view. This, rather than the lens, may be the reason why a few of my images were a little soft.

Also a hindrance is the fact that the exposure settings cannot be viewed in the viewfinder, as it can on most contemporary SLRs. Generally, metering was accurate, but I did bracket some scenes just in case. AP

Data file

Distributed by Alpha Digital Services Ltd, 111 Laverock Road, Reading, Berkshire RG301DZ. Tel: 01189 337 000.


£159.99 inc 28-70mm f/3.4-4.8 lens

Lens Mounts

Minolta MD. Pentax PK. Yashica/Contax


Vertically running focal plane shutter

Shutter speeds

1-1/2000sec plus B

Flash sync

1/125sec or lower



ISO range

ISO 25-3200 manually set


Pentaprism with 92% coverage and 0.91% magnification

Focusing screen

Split image/microprism


2x 1,5V alkaline LR44 or silver-oxide SR44




434g without batteries

Our verdict

THE biggest market for the Braun Photo Technik SR2000 will clearly come from photography students, as most courses still require students to shoot on film at some point. With a basic zoom lens included, and a huge array of used quality manual-focus lenses available to fit whichever mount you decide to buy, the SR2000 should prove a popular student's camera. I'd suggest that the Pentax K mount should be the most popular lens fit, as there is an abundance of second-hand lenses on the market.

If you want a new manual-focus camera, the SR2000 is one of few options available. However, there may be better specified cameras and lenses available on the second-handed market for the same price.

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